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Consultora Rossi y Asoc. is a firm with the widest experience specialized in outsourcing in human resources, since 1995 in the market offering operational solutions in settlement of salaries, wages, charges  social and all that task and service associated with the personnel area.
​Intended for accounting studies, small and medium-sized companies with the highest professional level accompanying companies in the construction, mining, commercial, industrial and service areas. 
​The objective is to provide an optimal service to our clients so that they allocate their resources to tasks of greater added value for the organization, with lower operating costs, saving the significant cost of software,   inputs,  salaries and physical space, having a strict level of confidentiality of the information thus ensuring the privacy in the collection of all the company's personnel and avoiding  higher tax and legal costs as a result of liquidations that do not comply with the regulations that are permanently modified.
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